Born and bred in the heart of Los Angeles, Saint Punk started his music journey within the rock world, later emerging to the surface within the dance music space in 2018. Focusing on creating bass heavy electronic productions infused with gritty rock and hip hop elements, his music is vibrant, full of energy, and packs a serious punch.

With years of experience both on and off the stage, Saint Punk mastered his skills producing demos for the rock band he fronted to later producing on his own. Not only did he focus on music, he also dove into all aspects of the music industry, from music videos, photography, and graphic design; molding himself into a multi-faceted and wildly talented artist.

Saint Punk is diving into 2020 with countless releases soaked in his unique grunge sound, bringing back the rock elements that we all grew up loving, mixed seamlessly with the intoxicating electronic sound we have all grown
to crave.



Josh Windt:



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